Architecture and Lighting Design as One

It sounds romantic: architecture and lighting design are inseparable and they're bringing the best out of each other. But have a look at this proof - AP HOUSE_URBINO by GGA architetti - which is a rebirth of an ancient rural hamlet situated at the top of the highest hill in Urbino, Italy. Lighting designers on this project are Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design  20-ph-ezio-manciucca-_1431



Soft accents of heavily textured ancient walls against glowing geometric new wooden facade are making a beautiful balance with landscape and breath taking view.

What about interior lighting? You won't be disappointed...60-ph-ezio-manciucca_1181 58-ph-ezio-manciucca_1138


Custom-made furniture made from natural walnut wood and designed by GGA gardini gibertini architetti is following geometry of lighting fittings - or is it other way around? We only know that they go so well with each other.


Beautiful raw walls and artworks are experiencing new life after sunset. Adjustable narrow beam accent lighting, that is recessed in structural concrete walls and ceilings, is showing thoughtful appreciation towards lighting and it's position in the room.

All images courtesy of GGA gardini gibertini architetti | ©Ezio Manciucca

Architecture: GGA gardini gibertini architetti

Lighting design: Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design