Explore how bright your city is at night with these interactive maps

Photo:    NASA

Photo: NASA

Recently I was reading about light pollution and that inspired me to explore the world view from the space at night. This is how I found out about this most up to date interactive map from NASA:

nasa worldview 2016

I love this map because it can show you information from every day (ehm night) throughout 2016, has layers that can be turned on/off and you can even create animations with it!

If you like simple maps or you're curious to go back in time a little so that you can compare how it was eg. in 2012. and 2010. you can check these below:

blue-marble.de 2015

blue-marble.de 2012

blue-marble.de 2010


There is a visual difference between maps. The map from 2010 is created with night-lights mosaic pictures and relied on technology from the 1970s. NASA lunched new satellite in 2011 and beautified images by coloring them. This is how 2012 map is created. While NASA's picture shows even villages' lights, subtle differences in cities were lost. Hence the 2015 map is created.

Next map is in the form of globe with some additional options. The only flaw - there is no information from what year it is.



And for the end - live map of where it is daytime, twilight or night time: Twilight map