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Anyone can create their personal digital artwork now with Aurora. It is plug n' play technology that makes regular lights into sound responsive experience.

In real-time Aurora’s AI box analyses surrounding sound and creates interactive lighting that can be easily customised from an app on your phone.

Have a look few examples below...

Globes garden

Singing Tree


Aurora lighting controller Photo:

Aurora lighting controller Photo:


  • Individually control up to 4000 lights (unlimited using repeaters)

  • A variety of light fixtures available including large globes, 360 lights, tubes

  • Library of highly customizable patterns.

Signal Processing

  • Advanced audio reactive engine

  • 2D and 3D geometric mapping engine to create spatial effect


  • Embedded mic

  • ⅛ inch audio in/out

  • Balanced XLR audio in/out

  • DMX in/thru/out

  • WiFi

  • Android and iOS app

Aurora app

It is available on Google play and App Store for free!

Pattern options Photo:

Pattern options Photo:

It has many options - you can control speed, fade in/out, variance, transition duration, and you can choose one of many preset palettes and patterns.

Full specifications here

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