Illuminating Landscapes By Javier Riera

Artist Javier Riera creates illuminated landscapes in exploration of the connection between geometric forms and nature.

By projecting beams of light onto trees and bushes, Riera creates temporary light installations. In this way, the artist manages to intervene with the surrounding landscape without leaving any remaining traces. Based in Spain, Riera specializes in site-specific installations in public spaces. 

Photo:  Javier Riera
The relation between geometry and nature acquires for me a meditative character, which can expand our perception by reaching out towards qualities and dimensions that are hidden from the spaces in which it occurs.
— Javier Riera
Photo:  Javier Riera
I understand geometry as a natural language preceding matter, able to establish with it a sort of subtle and revealing resonance.
— Javier Riera
Photo:  Javier Riera
Photo:  Javier Riera
Photo:  Javier Riera
Photo:  Javier Riera
Photo:  Javier Riera
Photo:  Javier Riera
Photo:  Javier Riera
Photo:  Javier Riera

To The Moon and Back by Judy Suh

The installation references early cinema history, drawing elements directly from George Meliès's A Trip to the Moon, the first narrative film. The piece brings the moving image off the flat wall, out of the frame, spilling onto the floor and other found objects as a life-size video collage.

It is, at once, sculptural and temporal, therefore being tactile yet ephemeral simultaneously through the use of moving images on familiar objects.

The video content is a mixture of live action video and animation, but blurring the boundaries of the two and shedding light on its own process of creation through the handmade/hand- drawn elements.

Using techniques uniquely available to projection mapping, the piece offers a world that recalls the past and future at the same time, immersing the viewer into a magic-realist dream.

The Walk Through The Vortex

Crossing over the Des Moines River, this 40km Iowa bridge created an opportunity for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders to experience ‘getting into the vortex’ - in literal sense.

Photo:  Carol Vanhook

Once trail, now pedestrian bridge, has mesmerizing lighting scheme during the nighttime, but it’s also creating a remarkable scene during the day, with a raw steel installation and beautiful nature.

The spiraling steel frames around the concrete roadbed are intended to evoke the sense of descent into a mine shaft, a nod to the history of mining in central Iowa.

Photo:  Phil Roeder

The lights, switched on between dusk and midnight, reflect in the river below, uniting the “rails to trails” project to the wide vistas of the landscape.

‘Light High’ by Jacqueline Hen - International Light Art Award 2019

The 3rd International Light Art Award 2019, goes to Jacqueline Hen.

With her installation “Light High” she explores the human perception of time, space and possibly, the feeling of falling to other dimensions, that are unlike our 3D world.

Photo: Jacqueline Hen

Photo: Jacqueline Hen

Light, space are in an inseparable but invisible connection (theory of relativity). They presuppose a seemingly stable framework of orientation in everyday life, in which there is no reason to question the relationships between subject and object, cause and effect, beginning and end.

Photo: Frank Vinken

Photo: Frank Vinken

Photo: Jacqueline Hen

Photo: Jacqueline Hen

A mirrored ceiling together with a thin reflecting surface of water on the ground and a grid arrangement of lights are creating the spatial illusion of an infinite vertical space of light and darkness. By traversing a small bridge, the visitor can cautiously discover the immersing endlessness beneath his/her feats and above his/her head.

Photo: Jacqueline Hen

Photo: Jacqueline Hen

Photo: Jacqueline Hen

Photo: Jacqueline Hen

The installation is enhanced with the acoustic dimension of the Shepard sound. The Shepard scale is an acoustic illusion of a seemingly infinite rising or falling scale. To hear and experience “Light High” click on the video bellow:

Constellations by Joanie Lemercier

Constellations is an audio visual installation by Joanie Lemercier.

It’s an abstract journey through geometric structures formed by the universe.
Light is projected on invisible water particles to form shapes and intangible structures in the air.


Tesla Art by Marc Simon Frei

Right at the crossroad of art and science, Swiss lighting designer, scientist and photographer Marc Simon Frei created Tesla Art.

Tiny bolts of lightning are captured on camera as they shoot with various tesla coil appliances turning the discharge of electricity into a form of art.

For my picture series I used a Violet Ray, a high-frequency radiation apparatus from the twenties, which I had bought on Ebay.
— Marc Simon Frei

For Highlumen blog, Marc describes the process of his creation:

To make the Tesla flashes as long and intense as possible, I placed non-conductive materials between the abutment of the Tesla coil and the ground. Mostly I used glass as an insulator. As toroids, I mostly use aluminum materials. My miniature Tesla coil was originally used in electrotherapy. The result in the form of sparking sparks and thunderstorm-like arcs. The purple plasma gives off the effect of a tiny indoor lightning storm.
— Marc Simon Frei

But please be warned, this is not for untrained professionals, as Marc adds:

Do not try this at home, the high frequency voltage could damage your electronic devices.
— Marc Simon Frei

We know we’re late on this, but happy birthday to Nikola Tesla, who is among the greatest minds ever lived on this planet, and we must proudly add, of Serbian ethnicity.

Marc inspired us not only with his work but with his unusual combination of skills, as you can see here:

or here:

Intersensory Theater for Babies by Dalija Acin Thelander

Choreographer Dalija Acin Thelander is creating mesmerizing and safe artistic environments for infants and adults. She is combining visual arts, dance, music and poetry to offer her youngest audience an experience that shouldn’t be exclusive to adults.

Photo: D. Matvejev

Photo: D. Matvejev

Fundamental for my motivation to create for the youngest audience is the perception of the child as equal to an adult, worthy of encountering arts in early years.
— Dalija Acin
Photo: D. Matvejev

Photo: D. Matvejev

Her performances stimulate all senses and perception of babies and encouraging interaction, sparking their curiosity and triggering exploration.

My choreographic practice considers the synergy of choreography and installation art and their capacities for activation of the audience.
— Dalija Acin
Photo: Fernando Molin

Photo: Fernando Molin


Wearable light

What happens when fashion and light design collide?

Many designers tried different techniques to incorporate light in to a wearable light piece.

For example, this talented Korean knitwear designer - HyunJin Yun experimented with glow-in-the-dark yarn, metallic and transparent yarn for knitting and digital printing.

She is not a simple knitwear designer because she is focusing more on e-knitting design in home design. Through her works she bring us in to her exciting visual spectacle world.

3.1 - DSC_0048.JPG

Are you familiar with the dress that moves when you look at? It is hi-tech glow-in-the-dark outfit made from the world's lightest fabric and it responds to people's gaze.

The author is Montreal-based designer Ying Gao. She used sensory technology in her dresses and they are made from super-organza and sewn in glow-in-the-dark thread.


And of course the dress that sparked the idea for this post - Zendaya’s 2019 Met Gala Cinderella Dress by Tommy Hilfiger.

The Tommy Hilfiger dress changed colour from grey to blue  Photo:

The Tommy Hilfiger dress changed colour from grey to blue



It’s not a first glowing dress at the Met gala, in 2016 Claire Danes wore glow-in-the dark dress by Zac Posen.


Shaped by the Nature

Australia-born artist James Tapscott creates beautiful and otherworldly outdoor installations using various types of light.


In the Arc series he allows time and nature to produce it’s artwork with the help of light.


Arc One is installed at Lake Tyrell, Victoria. Beginning as a gentle arc, a 100 meter length of flexible rope-light imbedded in the lake’s crust is left for one month to allow the site to manipulate it’s form through daily tidal movements.

salt crust

salt crust

Land mass at dusk

Land mass at dusk

The forms I create are usually quite simple and elegant – without baggage. I strive to enable the viewer to experience the work in a state of nameless non-objectification, if only for the briefest of moments.

This primal interaction empowers one to transcend language and embrace the potential to remove all boundaries between self and subject, matter and energy, light, time, information… hopefully to see a little more today than they did yesterday.
— James Tapscott

Levitating Landscapes by Maja Petric

Levitating Landscapes is an immersive art installation that was made specifically for the opening of the Downtown Park Pavilion.


The piece utilizes mixed-media including light, video, sound and atmospherics to enhance buoyant nature of the pavilion and engage visitors’ multisensory participation in seemingly levitating landscape.