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Hiroto Yoshizoe's Moon Reflection

Inspired with the relationship between the moon and the sun, Yoshizoe's mobile called 1.625m/s2 reflects the light of one simple bulb via mirror.

The moon is the most well-known indirect lighting known to humanity.
It receives light from the sun and gently shines above us, and is strongly associated with our feelings from ancient
— Hiroto Yoshizoe

It consists of a series of suspended mirrors that reflect light to illuminate the surrounding space. If placed near window, it can also reflect light directly from the sun.

The mobile is called 1.625m/s2, which is the downwards acceleration caused by the moon's gravity on a falling body.

Just like the moon, this lighting equipment receives light from external environments and appears to shine gently to our eyes. The objects shine as they float within the air, as if they are free from gravity.
— Hiroto Yoshizoe

Concept, Design: Hiroto Yoshizoe

Development: Kenichi Ochiai, Atsushi Muramatsu, Kentaro Watanabe, Masataka Honma, Hisato Hidaka, Eiichiro Imamura
Photo credits: Shunsuke Watanabe, Tolu Ando


The Movement of Air

Two brilliant french artists Adrien M / Claire B are creating dream-like scenography where dancers and light are performing choreography together. The performers are walking on the thin line between reality and virtual reality, where no rules of physics are applicable.

Photo: Romain Etienne / item

Photo: Romain Etienne / item

Other projects, like Pixel, are also showing their crazy skills to create light animation that interacts with dancers, seamlessly making the scene and performers as one.

Their latest viral project, Acqua Alta unfolds three times: a show mixing body and images; a book in pop-up to watch in augmented reality; an experience for virtual reality helmet.


Architecture. Rhythm. Shadow. Repeat.

I was so drawn into this type of visuals.

They make me wonder.

What is light without the shadow.

Is it a metaphor, feeling or maybe something not so abstract. Is it real.

Why do we strive for order, repetition, hierarchy.

What does the high contrast, rigidness and structure represent in our lives.

Do we feel safe there. Can we find something similar in nature.

Are we running away from it or is this something necessary in order to survive.