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100+ Free Dialux 3D Objects


I hope you'll enjoy this free library of .m3d objects. To download files click on text below pictures.


Dialux 3D Objects by Tania Rossini

Italian lighting designer Tania Rossini was collecting these objects over the past years and now, she is sharing them with you :) Thank you Tania!

Dialux Evo - RGB lighting

If you have a situation where you need to use LED RGB lighting fitting or perhaps horticulture fitting this quick tutorial might help you.

Changing the colour of the light

In this example we have a E27 lamp base fitting. Lamp that we're going to use is full spectrum type that is promoting plant growth. Colour of the light that these fittings are emitting is magenta-like.


For demonstration purposes, three fittings at the back are left white.

To change properties of the lights, simply select fittings. Make sure that you are on lighting menu -> photometric data -> click "change"


Under colourimetric data, click "change"


Choose LED -> LED red


Click apply and that's it!

Calculate, raytrace as usual. Since Dialux Evo doesn't offer magenta colour, you can use white balance option at display option menu.


In this way you can change properties of ldt files not just regarding colour of the light (green, blue, 3000K...), you can change them eg. from appearing LED to Incandescent and similar.