The Walk Through The Vortex

Crossing over the Des Moines River, this 40km Iowa bridge created an opportunity for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders to experience ‘getting into the vortex’ - in literal sense.

Photo:  Carol Vanhook

Once trail, now pedestrian bridge, has mesmerizing lighting scheme during the nighttime, but it’s also creating a remarkable scene during the day, with a raw steel installation and beautiful nature.

The spiraling steel frames around the concrete roadbed are intended to evoke the sense of descent into a mine shaft, a nod to the history of mining in central Iowa.

Photo:  Phil Roeder

The lights, switched on between dusk and midnight, reflect in the river below, uniting the “rails to trails” project to the wide vistas of the landscape.

Levitating Landscapes by Maja Petric

Levitating Landscapes is an immersive art installation that was made specifically for the opening of the Downtown Park Pavilion.


The piece utilizes mixed-media including light, video, sound and atmospherics to enhance buoyant nature of the pavilion and engage visitors’ multisensory participation in seemingly levitating landscape.